2021 Fair Performers

Indian Youth Club of Spokane

Performing Friday, September 10th & Sunday, September 12th at 4:00pm

Bollywood Performance by Sindhu Surapaneni and Natalie Newell

Bollywood is the name given to the dance form used in Indian (Hindi) films.

Bollywood Dance style is a fusion of various dance styles. It includes Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Bhangra, Jazz, Hip-hop, Arabic, Western dance and incorporates the two basic elements of dance and expression.

Youth Rock Club

Performing Saturday, September 11th at

ROCK CLUB is Spokane Valley’s elite school of rock! Music students learn to play by rehearsing songs with their very own rock band. Band director and instructor, Sean Burgett, mentors drummers, guitarists, keyboarders and vocalists in the arts of live performance, studio recording, playing by ear and being an instrumental part of a musical team. Follow ROCK CLUB on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube – and learn more about this unique program at

Andriano & Choir

Performing Sunday, September 12th at 1:00pm & Saturday, September 18th at 2:00pm

Adriano Ferraro is known as the famous singing server from Ferraro’s restaurant in the Spokane valley. Since then Adriano has been a big part of the Spokane community by singing at nursing homes and he is a big part of the off-Broadway family outreach ministry where he feeds and sings for the homeless. Adriano loves to share his gifts with others and he loves to encourage others. His daughter Genesis will be joining her dad by playing the drums and Dale Cook will be on guitar.

Amara Fox

Performing Sunday, September 12th at
11am and 3pm

Amara Leyva was born in Anchorage, Alaska and lived there until 2018 when she moved to Eastern Washington with her family. Amara, at 14, is the youngest of 5 girls and lives with her parents and 2 cats and 2 dogs.

Amara has always had a love for the arts of all types as she has grown up around artist and musicians at outdoor markets and festivals.

Amara recently wanted to pursue music beyond school choir and started lessons with the Imaginative Music Studio under the instruction of Dashel Milligan and is currently studying, voice, ukulele, music theory, and song writing,

Amara has a love for drama and historical reenactment.  She has participated in several school plays in Anchorage and in Cheney.

Amara was part of the 3 Baron Renaissance Faire in Anchorage, AK as Fidgit (2018) and Sparrow (2017) in the Fairy Realm under the direction of Jennifer and Morgan Stratton.  Amara wrote her own backstory and developed her own characters both years.

Amara has been with the Spokane Entertainers Guild Renaissance Faire since 2018.  

Amara was part of The Girl Awake Project, Season 5 by Brook Bassett. (2019-2020) where she played the role of Wisteria.

2019 Amara auditioned for Celebration of Music produced by Sun and Sky Entertainment.  She performed in the Washington State finals with 8 other performers from Washington.

Amara wrote and released her first single “Young Love” 12/24/20 which is available on all digital music media.

Dashell Miligan

Performing Wednesday, September 15th at 4:30pm

Dashel Milligan is a singersong rider who has lived in Washington most of his life. His singersongs are wild-caught and carefully trimmed before serving with a saucy Free Range Folk Rock.

You can find him showing his trapping techniques to young folks as well as folks who have been young for a longer period of time, teaching various instruments at a private music studio in Spokane Valley. By using tried-and-true tenets of propaganda, he’s found his true calling in brainwashing folks into being themselves. His music is provocative and the effects are as permanent as you’d like them to be. Available on all digital outlets. www.dashel.com

Natanam School

Performing Saturday, September 18th at

1st performance: Dilbar Dilbar (1 minute and 30 seconds)

Performers: Devika Gates, Cara Quien, Laura Williams, Maddie Williams, Lilly Williams, Chelsea McKell, Brianna Mckell, Kimberly Wells, Kim Moran

2nd performance: Mein Chali (1 minute and 30 seconds)

Performers Names: Mara Hiskey, Naya Gates and Nora Quien

3rd performance: Banna Re (2 minutes and 30 seconds)

Performers Names: Bi Zhao, Devika Gates, Nidhi Sharma, Pallavi Sharma

4th performance: Chikini Chameli (3 minutes)

Performers: Naya Gates, Nora Quien, Evelyn Williams, Kristin Williams, Julie Moran, Ciarra McKell, Charity McKell, Courtney McKell, Lilly Smith

5th performance: Swalla Jathi Mix (2 minutes)

Performers: Neharikha and Radhika Sharma

6th performance: Gali Gali (3 minutes)

Lilly Smith, Kyla Quien, Lena Quien, Maddie Williams, Lilly Williams, Brianna McKell, Samantha

7th performance: Tumse Milke

Devika Gates, Cara Quien, Laura Williams, Maddie Williams, Lilly Williams, Chelsea McKell, Brianna Mckell, Kimberly Wells, Kim Moran, Kyla Quien, Samantha


Dynamic Athletics

Performing Sunday, September 19th at
11am, 12pm and 2pm

Over the last 25 years, Dynamic has offered quality gymnastics programs all over the Spokane community. With the launch of our 33,000 Square-foot facility we have expanded to offer not only gymnastics but cheer, dance, fitness, and a preschool Academy. We work hard to provide an ideal environment for our athletes to grow and succeed.