My Heads of the Herd, Honey and Derek Smith will be sharing my journey through life with you weekly. I will be spending all my time getting ready for SHOWTIME at this year’s Spokane County Interstate Fair. The 2023 Spokane County Interstate Fair is just around the barn, save the date for Friday September 8 -17. Here’s my most recent video.  

Recent Updates


Cedar’s Dairy Delight!

Moo-milk please. Thanks mum for feeding me all the nutrients. I’m one happy girl here at Dalkena Highlands!


Munchin’ with Cedar!

“Hay! Can’t you see I’m munchin’ here! Mum, moo-ve over!”


Cedar Preparing for Her Grand Entrance

Cedar is Moo-ing with glee as she prepares for her grand entrance to SHOWTIME!


Cedar Enjoying the Spotlight

Cedar is already enjoying the spotlight… err, sunlight. Follow along as she prepares to take center stage at the Spokane County Interstate Fair for SHOWTIME