September 6-15, 2024


Exhibit at the Fair

At the Spokane County Interstate Fair, our core is all about agriculture and home arts. Every year, we celebrate the state’s agricultural heritage and act as our “largest outdoor classroom.” At the Fair, we showcase our local community’s art, crafts, food, technology, animals, and much more! We love to provide a place where our people (youth and adults) can exhibit their knowledge of and quality care for their animals and livestock. It’s a place where community comes together. 

For many Washingtonians, going to the Fair is a tradition for the entire family! And we are honored to be part of it.

What Can I Exhibit?

All sorts of things, from pot-belly pigs to potted plants! Below, we have included a list, as well as links to the guides for all of the various things that can be exhibited at the Fair! To view the Exhibit Guide PDF, click on the list item below! 

Everyone's Welcome!

We encourage everyone to enter something, from veterans to newbies. Even if you don’t feel you have perfect produce or flawless flowers, when you contribute by entering, you become a part of the Fair—not just a spectator. It’s a completely different experience—and a whole lot more fun! The Fair is for everyone, so we invite you to make them your own.

We understand you may have a certain level of intimidation, especially if you’re up against those veterans who seem to sweep all of the categories. But we urge you to not let this bother you in the least! You know as well as we do that every year is different, and you can’t guarantee perfection every time. Just enter your best and be proud of it.

Exhibitor Resources

Application Deadline:
August 6th, 2024

Below, you will find resources from Spokane County’s official website about being an exhibitor at the Fair. Please click on any of the blue titles to be taken to their website to learn more about any specific topic!

Please note: The County’s website is currently in the process of being updated from the 2023 Fair, so some information, forms, or documents, may be outdated.

Exhibitor’s Guide

The Spokane County Interstate Fair’s Exhibitor Guide details the many contests and areas that exhibitors can participate in each year.

Entry Deadlines

View the entry deadlines for exhibitors participating in the Spokane County Interstate Fair.

Guide Locations

Find out how and where to obtain a copy of this year’s Interstate Fair Exhibitor’s Guide.

Compete in the Demo Derby

View details regarding Special Contests to be held at this year’s Interstate Fair.