Livestock Winners

Ainsley Carpenter

2020 Spokane County Interstate Fair’s Rabbit Fitting and Showing Champion

Grace Utecht

2020 Youth Fitting and Showing Championship (With Lamb, Sprout)

Jason Dodge

2020 Youth Horse Fitting and Showing Champion

CR Smart Girl Shine Owned by Val Johnston

2020 Interstate Fair’s Aged Quarter House Grand Champion

Secured in Trust “Rio” owned by Kathy Hodl of Rockford.

All Other Breeds Aged Grand Champion

Georgie owned by Marybelle Buck

2020 Interstate Fair Champion Bird

Kip Pagac

2020 Interstate Fair Poultry Youth Fitting and Showing Champion

Paul Shaner

2020 Spokane Interstate Fair’s Youth Swine Fitting and Showing Champion

Jocelyn Frank

Youth Beef Fitting and Showing Contest

Mrald Rainy Daze owned and exhibited by Laaci and Christian Louderback

Open Class Irish Dexter Champion

Investing In Our Community

We were born and raised here. We’re your friends, family, and neighbors. Your money stays in this community helping it to grow and prosper. 

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Wheatland Bank is proud to sponsor the 2020 virtual livestock exhibits at the Spokane County Interstate Fair.